Vegan material

Barefoot shoes made of vegan materials

Our range of vegan, sustainable barefoot shoes is growing continuously and the demand shows us that we are just right!

Vegan is not just a trend and especially not just a diet, it is a lifestyle. Everything that is of animal origin is not consumed. Food such as meat, milk or cheese are taboo. Vegan lifestyle does not only refer to nutrition. Cosmetics that have been tested on animals or have animal ingredients are not used. However, consumption runs through to clothing. Vegans do without everything made of wool, silk or leather. With the increasing number of vegans, demand for vegan shoes is therefore growing.

With our vegan barefoot shoes you can trust that nothing comes from animal origin.

Vegan shoes for women and men

When we started relying on vegan barefoot shoes, we were surprised what is possible without leather. We admit that we were very skeptical at first, after all, our shoes should be as healthy, comfortable and durable as our non-vegan models.

We had saved vegan materials as artificial, non-breathing active and short-lived in the back of the head! After we dealt intensively with the topic, we are just thrilled.

We have put the various vegan materials through their paces and selected the best for our shoes. In the meantime we have a stately selection of vegan barefoot shoes for women and men and more and more are added. Just stop by from time to time, we are guaranteed to have the next vegan women's or men's shoe in our program.

Materials for our vegan shoes

We use different vegan materials for our shoes. Under the respective shoe description you will find detailed information for each model.

You can find these wonderful fabrics from us:

Ökotex 100 fabric

The vegan fabric looks almost like wild leather and feels very soft and smooth. It is also breathable and has an antibacterial surface. The material was certified by Ökotex 100 and is one of the most ecological, vegan fabrics for shoes.


Kork has developed as one of the most popular natural materials in recent years. We use high -quality cork from Portugal for our vegan shoes, which comes from sustainable production.

Cork is an ideal upper for shoes, because it is breathable, water -repellent and you can easily clean it with a damp cloth.


Piñatex is made from the cellulose fiber of pineapple blades, from a waste product of the pineapple industry. Usually the leaves are burned or rotated by themselves.

By producing Piñatex, the pineapple farmers even have the option of generating an additional income with the waste product.

Piñatex is a particularly sustainable product, since no further resources such as land, water, electricity or fertilizers are required for production.

Piñatex can be used wherever leather is usually used. It is breathable, formable and very durable and thus the ideal material for vegan shoes.

Mesh tissue

For our airy summer shoes, we use vegan mesh tissue as exterior material in connection with internal cotton. Both are wonderfully breathable and therefore perfect for the warmer days a year.