Our leather

Leather is not the same as leather. For many of your new ZAQQ barefoot shoes we would be happy to use our 2mm premium hunting leather. Hunting leather is a special leather type and is almost no use in the shoe industry, as it is manufactured very complex and must be processed particularly accurately. For us, the perfect prerequisites are, because through our manufactory we are able to use this high -quality leather for our shoes. Another special feature: Our Hunting leather can be used on both sides.

One side has a beautiful smooth surface with a natural blarrow and feels particularly pleasant on the skin. The second page is similar to a suede leather and noble in the appearance with a compact structure. This makes the leather very insensitive to external weather influences, is water -repellent and is easier to clean.

With 2 mm thickness, our leather is an absolute exception in the shoe industry. Only a few manufacturers can process such a strong leather at all, because this requires manual skill at the highest level. The stronger the processed leather, the higher the quality of the shoes. For this reason, we can also do without an additional inner lining, several layers of the leather or metal eyelet for lacing, because our 2 mm Hunting leather is extremely tear -resistant and does not require any reinforcement.

By using the Hunting leather and the mix between the smooth and velvety side, each ZAQQ shoe made of Hunting leather receives its inimitable and independent character.


For us as a company, environmental protection means to produce with as little as possible waste and thus sustainably, to rely on natural, regenerating materials and to do without environmentally harmful chemistry. This happens, of course, because we are convinced of it ourselves and it also communicate with our employees. What does that mean to you?

Your ZAQQ barefoot shoes are produced in region. So we save ourselves long and useless transport routes. Thanks to the production in our manufactory, we can also be sure that no environmentally harmful or even harmful substances are used for production. Our solvent -free glue, the sole made of rubber or the exclusive use of natural leather stands as an example of this.

This is also a reason why our employees love to work with us. You will ultimately find all of this in your new Zaqq barefoot shoes - a really good feeling, right?

Since we use almost exclusively natural products, your new ZAQQ barefoot shoes are of course biologically and ecologically recyclable. But before you think about it, you should only wear them for many years. And we are sure that you will love them exactly as we do.