Our materials

Leather is not the same as leather. For many of your new ZAQQ barefoot shoes we would be happy to use our 2mm premium hunting leather. Hunting leather is a special leather type and is almost no use in the shoe industry, as it is manufactured very complex and must be processed particularly accurately. For us, the perfect prerequisites are, because through our manufactory we are able to use this high -quality leather for our shoes. Another special feature: Our Hunting leather can be used on both sides.

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Our soles

Our soles are made from rubber, of course especially for ZAQQ in Germany. On request, they are available in a wide variety of colors.

Gauguk has several advantages. For example, compared to chemical materials of most competitors, it is characterized by one of the best abrasion values ​​in the industry. For you, this means that your ZAQQ sole is very durable, durable and offers very high resistance.

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Barefoot shoes made of vegan materials

Our range of vegan, sustainable barefoot shoes is growing continuously and the demand shows us that we are just right!

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