Our soles

Our soles are made from rubber, of course especially for ZAQQ in Germany. On request, they are available in a wide variety of colors.

Gauguk has several advantages. For example, compared to chemical materials of most competitors, it is characterized by one of the best abrasion values ​​in the industry. For you, this means that your ZAQQ sole is very durable, durable and offers very high resistance. In addition, rubber is ecologically degradable, has a very good damping, is lighter than comparable materials and also incredibly non -slip. With that, no matter where you run, you always have optimal hold and protection. Rubber is the perfect material and first choice for your ZAQQ barefoot shoes.

Last but not least - perfection in detail. Just have a look at your Zaqq barefoot shoe from below. We even implemented our idea of ​​design on the underside of your ZAQQ barefoot shoe. The function is beyond any doubt, the design was thought through to the last line.

Zaqq One ​​Sole - barefoot soleZaqq One ​​sole - barefoot soles

Zaqq One ​​Sole

Our Zaqq One ​​sole makes your feet happy. It is slightly profiled and has a patented poron © long -term damping.

This runs on a soft and absolutely flexible sole, which is just 3.9 mm thick.


Models with Zaqq One ​​Sole:

Zaqq sneaker sole

Compared to our Zaqq one sole, the sneaker sole is softer again and thus gives you a particularly soft appearance. If you are mostly on asphalt or do a lot of sport, you will love this sole.
You recognize the sneaker sole by seeing the ZAQQ lettering on the back.
Although the sole is only 3.9 mm thick, it has a slight profiling that ensures the best slip resistance.


Models with ZAQQ sneaker sole:

Zaqq Outdoor sole

With our Zaqq Outdoor sole you are well equipped for every adventure. It offers you a lot of grip on your hikes over stick and stone.

The arrangement of the individual elements that fake themselves into each other like a puzzle is by no means accidental. It is also wanted to achieve the best slip resistance with high flexibility.

The Zaqq Outdoor sole is 3.9 mm thick.


Models with ZAQQ Outdoor sole:

Zaqq Terra sole

Our new outdoor collection is equipped with the new Zaqq Terra sole.

We put a lot of time in the new Zaqq Terra sole to make them perfectly perfect. Our goal was to develop a highly flexible sole that is absolutely non -slip on all surfaces.
We can proudly say that we have absolutely succeeded and that it gives you more grip than our Zaqq Outdoor sole.

The ZAQQ Terra sole is 5 mm thick.


Models with ZAQQ Terra sole:

ZAQQ Business Sole

Elegant shoe without sales? Is that possible? Yes!!!

It was not easy to develop a sole that meets all the requirements for a comfortable barefoot shoe and still looks absolutely elegant and stylish.

With our ZAQQ Business Sole we exceeded ourselves - a sole that has it all and that can easily keep up with the conventional business shoes.

The highlight of our ZAQQ Business Sole is the sales that is actually none at all. You have to take a close look to determine that it is only notched from the outside into the sole, but the sole is absolutely flat. A barefoot shoe is not more elegant!

The ZAQQ Business Sole is 3.9 mm thick.


Models with ZAQQ Business Sole:

Zaqq Flat sole

The name says it all, our Zaqq Flat sole is absolutely flat and wafer -thin, almost like paper. With just 2.9 mm thickness, it offers you an incomparable feeling of barefoot.

To give our flat sole enough grip, we have roughened the surface. So you have wonderful support on all surfaces without a profile.

Are you looking for the ultimate feeling of barefoot in summer? Then you have to test our flat sole!


Models with ZAQQ flat sole:

Zaqq Light Sole

So far we only use our ZAQQ Light Sole for some women's sandals.

If you still lack the foot muscles to run in very thin, highly flexible soles, you are well advised with the ZAQQ Light sole, because it is a little thicker than the Zaqq flat sole.

Of course, you can also feel the underground in this sole and of course you can roll your feet.

The ZAQQ Business Sole is 3.5 mm thick.


Models with ZAQQ Light Sole: