Care of your outdoor barefoot shoes made of fat leather

Pflege Deiner Outdoor-Barfußschuhe aus Fettleder

Fat leather is the most robust type of leather and is always used when it is exposed to high loads. It is also very easy to maintain. We use it for our ZAQQ outdoor and hiking shoes.

What is fat leather

It is already in the name, the leather is covered with a layer of fat. This makes it particularly resistant without losing its smoothness. Usually it is smooth leather, but it can also be used nubuk or suede, which is waxed. For the layperson, it is difficult to see whether it is fat leather. It can look brilliant how smooth leather, but also matt like Rauleder.

The best thing to do is do the fingernail test. Drive the fingernail over the surface. If there is a clear line, it is fat leather.

Fat leather is also used for vintage looks. The scratches and wrinkles, which are easily incorporated into the leather, make the material appear typical of vintage.

Care fat leather

Quintic Winter Velors Brown Waterproof

ZAQQ Outdoor barefoot shoes made of fat leather

Of course you don't have to do the fingernity test, you can also easily look under the respective material description. You will find greased suede and waxed nappa leather.


Clean, maintain and impregnate fat leather

The care of fat leather shoes is not complex at all. It is best to clean them with a soft brush or a damp cloth. Then the shoes are impregnated. This is best suited for this Active Biwax Spray, which already includes nursing waxes.

If you want to maintain the leather even more or repair scratches or abrasion points, you can apply a wax -containing shoe cream after drying. Make sure you use a colorless remedy. Since the shoe cream only repairs the existing layer of fat, it does not penetrate deep into the leather, but remains as a protective film on the surface. If you use colored shoe polishes, it can happen that the shoes colored on your rim.

Before you treat the whole shoe with a wax -containing care cream, test it in a small, hidden area beforehand. We recommend the Colorless shoe care Rustical Tube.

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