Care of your barefoot shoes made of textile (cotton, rope) & lambskin

Pflege Deiner Barfußschuhe aus Textil (Baumwolle, Strick) & Lammfell

In summer and for sports, shoes made of cotton and other textiles are particularly practical. They are very airy and breathable. Ducked clothing can be put in the washing machine quickly and comfortably? But can you do that with our barefoot shoes too?

Here we give you tips for cleaning and caring for your textile shoes.

Our ZAQQ barefoot shoes made of cotton, rope and other textiles

We have several barefoot shoe models from textiles in our shop. As examples, we call our most popular models here:

Our Bestseller barefoot shoe Qnit Is made of a cotton knit tissue and our Popular sock shoe sooq Made from a cotton elastane tissue. We also have some winter shoes with lambskin. Both our barefoot shoes made of textile and the lambskin areas on the winter boots can be cleaned according to the following instructions.

Care textile shoes

Qnit Black

Impregnation of your textile shoes before wearing the first

Without impregnation, your textile shoes are like a magnet for dust and dirt particles. To protect your ZAQQS from the start, you have to impregnate them with a special means.

The best impregnation spray is Carbon Pro, which you can not only use for textiles, but also for many other materials such as Gore-Tex® or Sympatex®.

Before treatment, your ZAQQ barefoot shoes must be clean and dry! The impregnation spray is applied evenly from a distance of approx. 20cm. Pay attention to good ventilation in the room or go out into the fresh air. By impregnating your textile shoes, you become dirt and water-repellent without the respiratory activity suffering.

Cotton shoes cleaning

SOQQ Black

Clean the ZAQQ textile shoes

You should never put your ZAQQ barefoot shoes in the washing machine !!!

The gentlest cleans your textile shoes with a soft brush. Dirt particles can be brushed out very quickly. A regular brush is usually enough to keep your ZAQQS clean. Has still deposited stubborn dirt that With the dry brush you cannot remove, you can A moist spongen use.

After the textile shoes are cleaned and dried well, you should impregnate them. Only by regularly impregnating your ZAQQ barefoot shoes will you have a long fun with them.

Reinnigung-Weisse-textile shoes

 Qnit White

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