Slip in and feel good - the ZaqQ barefoot shoe Roqq Trail Black

Reinschlüpfen und wohlfühlen - der ZAQQ Barfußschuhs ROQQ Trail Black

This experience report sent us seriously from Switzerland. He is happy every time he puts on his ZaqQ barefoot shoes. And we are all the more happy!

Thank you seriously for your words. We wish you continued great tours with our Outdoor shoe ROOQ Trail Black.

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In search of a light hiking shoe that includes the ankles and is comfortable to carry in summer temperatures, I ended up with the ZAQQ Roqq Trail. Before that, I had tried shoes from other providers, the right shoe was not there.

I ordered it in size 47. My "normal" size is 45, I have the feeling that my feet need more space after about two years.

The delivery was promptly. I am always surprised at how quickly it works because I live in Switzerland. My first thought when trying it out was "slipping in and feeling good", as it should be with a shoe.

Experience-Zaqq-Roq-3zgwBSS5YYYYY8FSAExperience ZAQQ-Roqq-2

The shoe is light, very comfortable and literally hugs my feet. In the past two months I have tested it extensively, whether on a hike in the Chiemgau Alps, in the interior of Portugal or here in Switzerland. Nothing pinches or cramps the feet, it is non -slip and very pleasant to wear in summer temperatures.

I feel safe in my shoes. I do a double knot while cording, otherwise the knot will be happy to dissolve. It is not waterproof, which is not possible with the material. The shoe is easy to care for, usually a brush or a damp cloth is enough. An impregnation spray protects against damp meadows, but also not for hours.

It may sound strange - I am happy every time I put on my shoes.

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