Love in the first step with Zaqq Yorq barefoot shoes

Liebe auf den ersten Schritt mit ZAQQ YORQ Barfußschuhen

Our customer Judith sent us the following report on her experiences with our barefoot shoes. We are overwhelmed by the lines and thank you very much.


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By a true story

"Do you want to try ???". This time it was not about a juicy piece of chocolate cake. I was walking with my best friend when she told me about her first barefoot shoes with bright eyes. Since they looked extremely inconspicuous, I hadn't seen any reason to address them on their footwear. Sorry!

Until this day, I also have to confess, I had never heard of this kind of shoes. It sounded strange and I was unsure what to expect. Well, I wouldn't die from it ...

Since my girlfriend is also lovable and absolutely extraordinary (who rides to work with a horse?) And everything that inspires her, pretty cool and trendy, I agreed and we exchanged - but only the right shoe. I wanted to be on the safe side. When I hatched in and the shoelaces was bound, I ran and then it happened ...


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How the first barefoot shoe changed my life

... I was dazed. Not because I would have fallen. Haha! No. Because I was wearing two different shoes, I was able to find a direct difference. While my own shoe intercepted my foot, my toes and bale in the barefoot shoe had enough space. The shoe was extremely soft and nestled perfectly on my foot. It was cozy soft and very light, as if I had no shoe at all. But he was there! I could see him?.

But the actual highlight, through which I could not wring my enthusiasm, was the super flexible and soft sole. Every step let me feel the underground. With big eyes and open mouth, only one thought shot into my mind: I fell in love.

I have loved walking barefoot since childhood. We had a big garden. He was my open-air play room. There I was able to find out the world with my feet. The soft grass, the angular stones - which glowed cheekily in the summer - to feel the fine, tickling sand and the scratchy bristles of our float - it was always a fantastic adventure.

In memories, I had now put on the second barefoot shoe and I was sure: my girlfriend would never get it back.

Oh no, there was still a problem ...



The oppressed desire for barefoot shoes

Even if I briefly thought about, fast (and great, mega, extremely comfortable!) Step to look for the width so that I can finally call the shoes my own, so I rejected this hideous thoughts and of course gave the shoes back. Friendship Forever.

But how did it go on? What happened to my great love for barefoot shoes?

We had actually lost sight of ourselves for a few years - the barefoot shoe and me. The reason was not the form at the time that some people feel as getting used to. No, this is simply the shape of our feet. Since our body in its entirety is an aesthetic masterpiece, our feet are also perfect. So why not wear a shoe that corresponds to the originally conceived contour? This is also much healthier and prevents a malposition of the toes and thus further health problems. For example, this hideous and common being that Vuxal Hallis, no, Hulla Vaxis, Axel Valgis or was it Hallux Valgus? Anyway, I have been struggling with it for many years. High heels were my doom. They may rest in peace.

Well, back to the real problem with my girlfriend's shoe: it was ... the design. The shoe was absolutely nothing-so, expressionless, unspectacular. That “certain something” was missing. Something special. This “Wow” or “Boah”, which makes you cheerfully applauded. I know it doesn't always have to be extravagant. But sometimes!

And besides: if I have to lock up my feet (barefoot to work? Better not ...), then at least you should be beautiful. As if you were living in your own small palace? . So the desire for the perfect barefoot shoe slumbered in me and one day should finally be breastfed ...


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Experience-ZAQQ-barefoot shoes-yorq-5


The love for barefoot shoes, which was believed to be lost, rediscovered

After years, love for barefoot shoes flared up again. Finally!

My research showed that barefoot shoes or the so -called “minimal shoes” had now continued to establish themselves on the market. So I browsed various online shops from well -known barefoot shoe providers. I met Zaqq. And found that there are creative minds with a soft spot for sustainability and design that claim to create something special. Functionality meets design.

The result is a variety of models. I didn't have to do without anything anymore. There are ballerinas, business shoes, slippers, moccasins, outdoor shoes, running shoes, sandals, lace -up shoes, sock shoes, boots. Even the sneaker models vary: times highop or mid-cut. The wide spectrum of barefoot shoe types let me look in my tablet in awe.

Whether dynamic, elegant, extravagant, exotic, classic, casual, sophisticated, retro, romantic, sporty - there is every style, in every color. Whether monochrome or happy colorful. Whether metallic shimmering or factual and clean.

The Eyecatcher are also joining. Colorful soles and laces, glittering stone appliances, shimmering sequins, floral embroidery, noble lace, cool rivets, silver and gold straps, braided straps.

So I had dreams and ideas of the perfect barefoot shoes. Zaqq woke me up and made it clear to me: my dreams not only seem real, they are!

Even my beloved running sole - the highlight of every barefoot shoe - is offered in different variations. With or without damping (this has nothing to do with cooking, but with the function of absorbing the force that arises when occurring) and different strengths of the sole and profile depth.

Sorry, back to the story. So I slapped there and longed for the first own barefoot shoe. If another problem had not arisen again: I discovered an extremely many special and expressive designs at ZAQQ, for which I left, so I didn't know how to ever pay for these shoes in one life. Well, so I chose “less is more”. And so I found my absolute favorite barefoot shoe ... the Yorq.



The beginning of a large love story to barefoot shoes

I finally held the shoe box in my hands and opened it in slow motion. You think I'm crazy? Yes, uh, no! I just think you should enjoy every second if you have chosen the right one. So it goes on. The deep black tissue paper came to light, which I folded up just as carefully and crackling. And there he was. My object of desire. My first barefoot shoe. My sweetheart!

A beautiful mid-cut boat, which was skilfully staged by the combination of the finest velor and nappa leather. A piece of jewelry made for me in handicraft perfection. A little retro and yet absolutely up to date. On closer inspection, I noticed another highlight: the optical heel. So it looks a little like a business shoe in the robe of a boot. Well thought out down to the smallest detail.

My first walk with my “new” was of course a dream. Incidentally, I didn't have to run in the shoe or slowly get used to running with barefoot shoes. Why too? I don't have to get used to barefoot.

And again I became aware once again: Our feet carry us thousands of kilometers through our lives and therefore only earn the best. I don't want to wear any other shoes anymore. For that I enjoyed the feeling too much and loved when running.

So now that I have almost sold my entire interior to indulge in my new truck and have more barefoot shoes as dishes in the apartment, I can finally sit back happily and satisfied. No, of course that was just fun. I have exactly one piece of dishes more than barefoot shoes.

My conclusion: With the perfect barefoot shoe you can feel and enjoy life even more.


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Thank you Judith for this great report on our barefoot shoes. We wish you the love for our Yorq keeps a whole shoebow. But honestly, we have no doubt.

What was your first experience with barefoot shoes? Was there a love story too? Schwelge in memories and would be happy to leave a comment with your experiences. Do you also have a ZAQQ favorite design? We are excited.

Of course, you are also welcome to send us a detailed report on publishing. Write to us:

Feel Free, Feel Zaqq.

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