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EQIPE Red Waterproof

EQIPE Red Waterproof

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You are a woman who loves the adventure, who wants to explore nature and at the same time wants to express herself fashionably? Then we have exactly the right thing for you: Cool outdoor barefoot shoes in red and black, which are not only stylish, but also non-slip and waterproof! Our EQIPE Red is the perfect companion for your outdoor activities.

With these barefoot shoes you can feel the ground under your feet, as if you were barefoot-just without the worry to hurt you or to get dirty feet. The minimalist design ensures that your feet can move freely, while you still have the necessary protection from sharp stones or slippery surfaces.

Whether you are climbing on smooth rocks, wandering through muddy paths or walking along the shore, these barefoot shoes are prepared for any challenge. The special sole offers excellent slip resistance, so that you are safely on the road even on wet ground.

The weather can be unpredictable, but this should not stop you from enjoying your outdoor adventures. These barefoot shoes are waterproof and keep your feet dry, no matter whether it rains or you run through puddles. You are your reliable partner to experience nature in any weather.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.

From these high-quality materials your new ZAQQ EQIPE Red Waterproof:

  • Upper material: Veloursleder, gently tanned, meshtissue
  • Inner lining: waterproof, breathable and windproof ZAQQ Membrane
  • Damping: 2mm long-term damping
  • Sole: highly flexible, non-slip, abrasion-resistant and hand-sewn rubber sole ZAQQ TERRA
  • Shaft: in manual work and double stitched
  • Sole: stitched to the shaft by hand
  • Glue: solvent-free sticking

For these reasons, your new ZAQQ EQIPE Outdoor Barefoot shoes especially healthy and comfortable:

  • Rubber sole with zero replacement, thereby relieving the spinal column and protecting the joints, supports the natural posture
  • A lot of volume in the front shoe, plenty of space for the toes and the bales
  • Promotes the natural course of motion while running, balanced foot climate through high-quality natural products, breathable and sweating-reducing
  • Extremely flexible and adaptable material, as a result of no blisters or wound points at the foot
  • Separate strip form and construction for men and women shoes, thereby optimal fit
  • With 300 g unbelievingly easy (Gr. 41)

Here you can see our ideas for sustainable production

  • Every shoe is a unique
  • Low-emission production with regular tests at renowned institutes
  • Hand stitched 5 mm TERRA rubber sole


Shipping and return

Your ordered ZAQQ`s will come to you in Germany or 3-5 days to Austria and Switzerland in 2-3 days. If the shoes do not fit, you can of course exchange them or return them free of charge.

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  • The test winners barefoot shoes from Germany

    The guarantee for perfect quality, ZAQQ produces only with the finest materials in loving handicrafts.

  • Free exchange

    If, contrary to expectations, do not fit you your ZAQQ barefoot shoes, we would be happy to exchange you to another size or another model.