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Duqe black

Duqe black

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With our Duqe we dared to approach an English classic - the famous George Boots. We are more than satisfied with the result, because it is not only an elegant half -high boot, but also an equally convenient, in which the feeling of barefoot is not neglected.

George Boot - English men's ankle boots with tradition & style

British King Georg VI. called for his soldiers a boot with maximum functionality. The welling tone boots that were common up to that point were too heavy with their high shaft and, after a long time, not only moist, but also uncomfortable. The new boot should be robust, comfortable and airy, but it shouldn't be missing in elegance.
The result was the George Boot- a half-high boot, which was worn into a soldier uniform in Great Britain from the mid-1950s. Little by little he also conquered his place in the fashion houses in the world and is now one of the most popular business boots for men.

Zaqq duqe - the George Boot with barefoot feeling

Our Duqe was made of black nappa leather, which is pleasantly soft and comfortable when wearing. The super flexible, yet non -slip rubber sole causes a lot of grip. Even if you are traveling on wet surfaces, you will never slip away with our Duqe.
Our half -high boot is your companion to jeans, but you can also make it elegantly wearing suit trousers. Our Duqe men's boat definitely always ensures a safe and confident appearance!

Feel Free, Feel Zaqq.

Your new Zaqq Duqe consists of these high -quality materials:

  • Upper leather: Premium Nappa leather, gently tanned and cut extra finely
  • Interior lining: cuddly, breathable and extra thin smooth leather
  • Inner sole: open -pore and breathable smooth leather
  • Damping: 2mm long -term damping
  • Sole: highly flexible, non -slip, abrasion -resistant and hand -sewn rubber sole
  • Shaft: Stretched by hand and sewn twice
  • Sole: sewn by hand on the shaft
  • Adhesive: solvent -free adhesive

For these reasons, your new Zaqq Duqe are particularly healthy and comfortable:

  • Rubber sole with zero heel, thus relieving the spine and protecting the joints, supports the natural posture
  • A lot of volume in the front shoe, lots of space for the toes and the bales
  • Promotes the natural movement sequence when running balanced by high -quality natural products, breathable and reducing welding
  • Extremely flexible and cuddly leather, therefore no bubbles or wound on the foot
  • Separate groin shape and construction for men and women shoes, thus optimal passport shape
  • With 250 g incredibly light (gr. 41)

Here you can see our ideas for sustainable production

  • Barefoot shoes from Germany
  • Every shoe is unique
  • Low -harmful production with regular tests at renowned institutes
  • Individual production of your ZAQQ barefoot shoes
  • Hand seams 3.9mm rubber sole
  • Own ZAQQ barefoot shoes manufactory


Shipping and return

Your ordered ZAQQ`s will come to you in Germany or 3-5 days to Austria and Switzerland in 2-3 days. If the shoes do not fit, you can of course exchange them or return them free of charge.

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  • The test winners barefoot shoes from Germany

    The guarantee for perfect quality, ZAQQ produces only with the finest materials in loving handicrafts.

  • Free exchange

    If, contrary to expectations, do not fit you your ZAQQ barefoot shoes, we would be happy to exchange you to another size or another model.