ZAQQ barefoot shoes in trend colors 2022

ZAQQ Barfußschuhe in Trendfarben 2022

ZAQQ barefoot shoes stand not only for the best quality and sustainable production, but also for maximum comfort. Due to the cut, which is based on the natural anatomy of the foot, the absolutely flat and flexible sole and the low weight you run almost like barefoot in a ZAQQ.

But not only that, with a barefoot shoe from our collection you are healthy and comfortable and also trendy! And what is better than using the trend colors of the London Fashion Week?

The colors for spring/ summer 2022 should reflect the connection with the earth and the desire for security and warmth. But they also show the beautiful contrasts that we find in nature in spring and summer.

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Delicate pastel tones are reminiscent of a flower meadow

The pastel colors are reminiscent of a delicate flower meadow in summer, which magically attracts you. You can find tender pink, pastel purple or light mint green not only on the London fashion Week, but also in the ZAQQ shop.

If you like ballerinas, you have to Suqar Olive, Suqar Lightpink, Pinq Candy, Qerp Candy as well as Qlaire Green know. The sneakers also fit SQILL MINT, SQill Rose, Qomfy Wide Rosa and Riq Purple To the pastel trend.

Lively colors with expression

In contrast to the pastel colors, living, bright colors were also selected for the London Fashion Week 2022, which show how much strength is in nature. This includes an intensive pink and a bright yellow green. Various strong brown and orange tones can be found as earthy colors. Of course, the water should not be missing, which is always easy to seek its way in nature. This year is symbolized by a particularly intensive blue and a bright turquoise tone.
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These trends are also easy to implement with ZAQQ barefoot shoes
Would we be with Taqq Brown or Iviq Sierra? These models earth and symbolize the calm, relaxed and cozy side of your personality.

It becomes more exciting with the strong water colors that give you a playful lightness. Be sure to have a look Iviq Turquoise, Iviq Blue, Fliq Blue, Qnit mare at.

ZAQQ-barefoot shoes 5


Classic colors that are timeless

Since trend colors are dependent on the season, the Fashion Week also selected classics that are absolutely timeless. With white, beige and various shades of gray you will also be well advised in the coming seasons and are still trendy.

Our all-White sneakers Sloq White and Taqq White you are guaranteed to wear the greatest pleasure for many years. You can also find many gray and beige models in the shop.

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<< You can find all ZAQQ barefoot shoes for women here! >>

<< You can find all ZAQQ barefoot shoes for men here! >>

The combination of opposites, disagreement and contrast in nature are particularly popular in spring/ summer 2022 and can be found everywhere in the fashion world. And after the long winter, some color and contrast can't hurt, right?

Now you are asked. Do you prefer to reach the light, delicate, flattering pastel tones or are the powerful trend colors exactly your thing? Neither of them? Do you prefer it classic and timeless?

Whatever you prefer, in our ZAQQ collection you will find your comfortable barefoot shoe, which fits your style.

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In addition to different designs and colors, we also have a wide variety of different materials in the shop. Cotton, vegan mesh or microfiber tissue as well as leather and merino wool are available as a selection.

The best thing to do is look for your new barefoot shoe, which was not only produced sustainably, but also spoiled you with the maximum comfort. With ZAQQ barefoot shoes you spray with energy and positive charisma, because comfort paired with a fashionable design just puts you in a good mood.

Feel Free, Feel Zaqq.


<< You can find all ZAQQ barefoot shoes for women here! >>

<< You can find all ZAQQ barefoot shoes for men here! >>

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