Too early for sandals?

Zu früh für Sandalen?

Are you ready for the hot days? We have the perfect barefoot sandals for you!

Too early for sandals?

Why wait? We still have almost all sizes available and summer is already knocking.

Get a head start and order early rather than late. Soon the demand for our sandals will rise again

and it would be a pity if your size is sold out.

Feel free, feel free ZAQQ. 


QOSS flip-flop barefoot sandal 

QOSS: The elegant flip-flop

Can't wait to give your toes freedom again? Take off your shoes in no time and continue walking barefoot on the beach or on the meadow? Our QOSS offers you just that!

The wide and finely ground leather strip gives you extra support and stability. At the same time, the shoe can be combined with any summer look due to the simple silhouette.

>> QOSS <<


CLIQ ZAQQ Barefoot sandals 

CLIQ: Feminine, modern

These lightweight and particularly feminine sandals are barely noticeable on your feet and yet they look simply irresistible. We have provided the front strap with a narrow elastic band. It is barely visible, but gives you an unmistakable comfort.

You can also find CLIQ made of vegan materials!

>> CLIQ <<


SLIQ ZAQQ Barefoot sandals 

SLIQ: Best grip

Light, lively and happy through the summer – SLIQ makes it possible.

Due to the elastic band, a lacing or buckling is unnecessary and yet the barefoot sandal fits optimally on the foot.

Simple in black, classy in silver or exciting in orange or red – it's up to you!

>> SLIQ <<


QRUISE barefoot shoe for summer 

QRUISE: The particularly airy

If you like it airy but still like to keep your feet covered, QRUISE White is your shoe.

The generous air vents allow your feet to breathe freely even on the hottest days.

But not only the high breathability speaks for this barefoot shoe, also the high wearing comfort will inspire you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

>> QRUISE <<


QADA feminine barefoot sandals 

QADA: Delicate, airy

QADA is particularly delicate and feminine with its fine straps and light blue tone. For the optimal fit, you can adjust this barefoot sandal perfectly to your needs via the buckle on the heel strap.

On the hottest days in summer, QADA is the best choice, because the fine straps provide extra air to your feet.

>> QADA << 


QAMINO Barefoot Sandals Women

QAMINO: Extraordinary, exciting

You like it exciting? You want a special sandal that not everyone has?

Then you must know our QAMINO! Not only the black-silver leather, but also the cut are exceptional.

Nevertheless, the high wearing comfort is not neglected! Whether short or long distances, QAMINO carries you through the summer like on clouds.

>> QAMINO <<


MIQA sports barefoot sandals 


Whether high or low instep, this sporty barefoot sandal can be adapted to any foot shape thanks to the continuous strap. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Over the meadow, through the park or to the comfortable city stroll with MIQA you have found your comfortable barefoot sandal!

>> MIQA <<


FLAQE ZAQQ Barefoot sandals  

FLAQE:Slip in, run.

FLAQE is the slip-on sandal, which gives you a lot of support with the loop on the big toe and the far-back straps.

Wonderfully light as a flake, you hardly feel this sandal on your feet. To the beach or the city? FLAQE is in!

Now all you have to do is choose between brown, black or white! I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

>> FLAQE << 


QLEAR Barefoot Shoes Summer 

QLEAR:The outdoor sandal

With the breathability of a sandal and the protection of a closed hiking boot, our QLEAR is ideal for high-temperature hikes.

Worn with black socks, QLEAR Black looks like a sneaker that you can easily wear to the city.

>> QLEAR << 

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