Slip in and walk comfortably with barefoot shoes

Reinschlüpfen und bequem loslaufen mit Barfußschuhen

Don't you like to lace out? No problem, because you put our hatching shoes put on at lightning speed!

Slip in

Our ZAQQS can do much more! They are incredibly comfortable and offer your feet the scope of movement you need! Simple, sporty or elegant? You can find everything in our shop!

Feel free, feel ZAQQ. 


Qarma: unexcited & stylish

Qarma ZAQQ ballerina

 Our Qarma is the calm ballerina barefoot shoe that always fits. In his shiny leather, he looks stylish for every business outfit, as well as for all leisure looks.

With fine stocking socks you can easily carry this ballerina through the spring days and always look neat.

Select your Qarma from 5 different colors!

>> Qarma <<


Monq: The elegant

Monq Business Slipper

It really doesn't work more elegant than with this business loafer! A hinted heel, a captoe with fine broguings and two buckles make this barefoot shoe rarity.

But design is not everything! In this barefoot shoe you run up to top performance - Ultrabe conveniently not only brings you far forward in business.

>> Monq <<


Qea: The boat shoe

Qea boat shoe

Like on clouds and also look incredibly elegant - the barefoot shoe makes it possible.

The black suede and the decorative lacing are simply timeless and make Qea the perfect shoe for every occasion.

Grip quickly, because we only have very few in the warehouse!

>> Qea <<


Looq: feminine playful

Looq barefoot ballerina

If you don't have high heels, you don't need to do without elegance with our Looq. On the contrary, the feminine ballerina perfects your look, offers you style safety and is also heavenly comfortable.

You can find our LOOQ in 6 different versions!

>> looq <<


QOSMO: Glamorous & unique

Qosmo barefoot loafer

Looking for pure glamor? Then Qosmo Champagne is the perfect choice for you! A super feminine barefoot shoe that could not be stylish and feminine.

From the outside, our Qosmo presents itself like a noble loafer. But as is well known, it is also about the inner values ​​and they become an unbeatable argument! The barefoot loafer is incredibly soft and flexible and adapts to the contours of your foot in perfection.

>> Qosmo <<


Qent: The sporty

Qent Barfuss slipper

With the combination of soft suede, mesh and flexible elastic band, Qent Blue optically makes a lot, but also offers a lot of functionality.

The mesh tissue in the upper area of ​​the shoe ensures maximum breathing activity and with the black elastic band you have a perfect hold.

Quent is your sporty barefoot loaf that couldn't be more convenient.

>> Qent <<

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