Good luqq with your zaqq

Good LUQQ with your ZAQQ

Spring is transformed with its strong colors of the flowers, its sprouting buds of the trees and the intense green of the plants for the season. The April weather also has a word with a word on some days, especially in the Bergisches Landschaft, and the season for ballarinas, mocha kasins and sandals is also a long time coming.
That means the transition period broke out and the moment for our lucky LUQQ all -rounder has come. It is time to pack the thick winter shoes and start the next season with fresh and timelessly fashionable barefoot shoes.

The modern design and the colorful tones of the LUQQ shoe reflect the fantastic time of the flowering landscape. The strong basic colors red and blue mix with the complementary colors and new modern and extravagant color combinations are created. In connection with the colored, finest gently tanned nappa and suede, the shoe looks particularly colorful on each side and the brilliant varnish elements ensure that certain something.


The LUQQ will be your perfect all -round shoe for the transition period. Your feet will thank you at every turn. The extra fine and thin rubber sole offers your feet the necessary comfort and impresses with the flat design and durable quality. When running, you glide with your zero sales LUQQ shoes over the surface and your foot can develop. Your spine is relieved and the joints are spared, this supports your natural posture. The sole is strolled by hand and sewn twice and sewn to the shaft with solvent -free glue.

The sneaker boat gives you stability and is a very narrow and light barefoot shoe with its side zip, the smooth leather elements, also on the sole. Your feet have an enormous freedom of movement with the optically concealed toe box and will no longer want to take off these shoes. With the breathable thin cotton fabric of the inner sole, you can remain in a glossy form even at sweaty temperatures. The lacing helps you to adapt the LUQQ shoe to your needs. Due to the zipper, you can easily put on and take off your shoes and quickly move over the asphalt.


The LUQQ shoe can do everything - it is the perfect companion for visiting the restaurant in combination with a jeans or a pliserock. It is suitable for hiking and climbing in the mountains or for the cozy spring walk and stroll through the city. You can also rely on your clothes with the spring colors last season and combine the LUQQ’s with these stripes. In any case, you leave a shiny impression everywhere with your new Laqq smooth leather shoes. Take your time for the beautiful things in life, go for a walk again, sit on your favorite place for a few minutes or stay with a delicious ice cream in the city center, meet friends and enjoy the time with your family - your LUQQ shows you the way.

We wish you good lucqq with your zaqq ...

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