With barefoot shoes to the office? Chic business shoes for women

Mit Barfußschuhen ins Büro? Schicke Businessschuhe für Damen

As a woman, it is a big challenge to find the right shoe for the office. It should look beautiful, fit the skirt or pants suit and still be comfortable.

Many women squeeze in pumps with penny heels and only want to get one thing at the end of the day: come home and finally take off their uncomfortable shoes. That doesn't have to be. ZAQQ barefoot shoes are business likes, elegant and yet absolutely comfortable!

We show you with our barefoot shoes that you can look absolutely stylish even with comfortable shoes!

If you want to go to the office in style as a lady, our ZAQQ barefoot shoes offer you a huge selection of feminine models. If you don't have to adhere to a special dress code, there are no limits to your imagination. However, you should always make sure that the shoe fits the outfit and is appropriate to the occasion. You can interpret everything else freely.

The situation is different with the dress codes Business as well as Casual Business from, because not only the style of the outfit is specified here, but also the suitable business shoe.

We make some suggestions for the various dress codes with the matching business shoes for women.

Business dress code for women

In the business look, it depends on the formal and serious. Woman wears pants suit, costume or dress. The colors may be feminine, but definitely not too bright. Instead of a strong red, it is better to choose salmon pink. Other pastel tones are of course also allowed. Otherwise you can choose between blue, white, black, gray and earthy tones.

It is very important to make sure that the skirt extends to the knee at least and the neckline does not show too much of the cleavage.

With accessories such as jewelry or towels you can prettify your business outfit again. But here too: everything has to look formal and must not be noticed too much!

Which comfortable women's barefoot shoe fits the business dress code?

In addition to uncomfortable pumps, you can of course also wear chic ballerina, flat ankle boots and closed sandals in summer. It is important that the length of the pants fits accordingly. If you have run on high heels beforehand and want to switch to flat footwear, the pants must be shortened.

Here are a few examples of barefoot shoes that you can wear for business dress code as a lady.


 ZAQQ LOQ for Business Outfit

Our LOOQ is your suitable ballerina for the office and fits both with the pants suit and a skirt. The tired feet days are over! With LOOQ you are happy to run an extra mile on the way from work home. Due to his loop, he has a slightly playful, very feminine look and yet is subtle enough.

Business shoes ladies-4 

To LooQ - click here!


Qarma to the Business Dress code for women

Our Qarma comes even more simpler than our looq. The ballerina is absolutely subtle and fits with its black glossy leather with all business outfits. It is not only super light, but also cuddly. You will no longer want to move out! We have the feminine barefoot shoe in black, dark brown and beige.

Business shoes ladies 5

To the Qarma - click here!


The right shoe to the Business Casual dress code for women

In the business casual look, the lady has significantly more scope. The outfit does not have to look as formal and songs as with the strict business look. But here too, blue jeans are taboo!

The clothing may be a little more comfortable. For example, you can carry a wide marl pose to the ruffle blouse. Black jeans with the chic tunic blouse also go well with the business casual dress code.

You can of course also wear the women's barefoot shoes mentioned above for the business casual look. The selection of suitable shoes is significantly larger, here are some examples:


Pinq black

In very conservative business areas, toes are shown as faux pas. Better to go to the front sandals to be on the safe side. Our PINQ Black is the best choice for a comfortable business shoe in midsummer.

Business shoes ladies 3

To PINQ Black - click here!

Iqon black

"Minimalism is the key to true elegance," said one Coco Chanel. Our minimalist IQON made of fine glossy leather is undoubtedly elegant! You can combine it as desired.

Business shoes ladies-2

To the IQON Black - click here!


Qite Black and Darkbrown

Qite is stylish and elegant like a high heel, but comfortable like a leisure shoe. With these properties it simply belongs in every shoe cabinet.

Business shoes ladies-6

To Qite - click here!


The right barefoot shoe for the casual look

You will be happy that you can wear almost all ZAQQ barefoot shoes in the casual look. It is best to orientate yourself to your colleagues. If they are dressed a little more chic, you shouldn't be too careless to choose your outfit. If everyone is more casual, you can look forward to the large selection of our feminine barefoot shoes. Or should we say better that you are spoiled for choice?


Qosmo champagne

With QOSMO you put a lot of glamor into your outfit. It's a good thing that nobody knows that there is a mega -comfortable barefoot shoe behind the feminine loafer.

Business shoes ladies 7

To the Qosmo Champagne - click here!


Fliq Blue

Fliq Blue is our extravagant moccasin and guarantees the most comfortable you have ever worn. Show courage to color and make the office your stage!

Business shoes ladies-1

To Fliq Blue - click here!


Remaqe Silver

Don't be afraid to be different! You can do it with our Remaqe Silver. It is steadfast, but yet different!

Business shoes ladies 8

To the Remaqe Silver - click here!


Iqon gold

IQON is kept in a subtle, matt gold tone. It stands out from the crowd, but is still stylishly reserved. As a super comfortable lace -up shoe, it makes your look of the same number of feminine thanks to the golden shine.

Business shoes ladies 3

To the IQON GOLD - click here!


Twist Ballerina

We now have a large selection of our twist ballerinas, sometimes more subtle in black, sometimes more striking in blue or red. As with all looks, the overall picture must be correct and the occasion must be appropriate. So it is better to reach for more subtle barefoot ballerina, so you can't go wrong.

Business shoes ladies-9

To the Twist Ballerina - click here!


You see, it is not so difficult to find a comfortable business shoe. As a modern woman, you can still style in the office with our Bafußhuks stylishly and elegantly and on all other formal occasions.

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