Fashion trends for 2021 with barefoot shoes

Modetrends für 2021 mit Barfußschuhen

As every year, the current trends are based on fashion that is shown on the catwalks of the world. The trendy looks in 2021 can be perfectly combined with our ZAQQ barefoot shoes.

Today we want to introduce you to some new trends from 2021. Have you always wanted to wear shoulder pads? Then this season is your very personal fashion year! But animal prints and tender nude tones are still absolutely in.

We are particularly pleased that there are more and more brands value on sustainable materials. So you can rely on resource -friendly processing from top to bottom.
With our ZAQQS on your feet you can implement any look, because our barefoot shoes are not only mega -comfortable, but also super trendy. Style and comfort go perfectly together and enter into a perfect symbiosis with our sustainable production.
Your ZAQQ is already waiting for you, but now let yourself be inspired by the fashion trends for 2021.

Combine pantone trend colors 2021 with barefoot shoes

This year, Pantone named Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow to the trend colors of 2021. Combined, the subtle gray and the powerful yellow simply go together wonderfully and give each look a confident and powerful charisma!

Barefoot Shoes Patone Trend Color-2021

The most famous fashion designers and fashion shows also take up the trend colors in 2021 and show fashion in yellow and gray.

Illuminating yellow is powerful like the sun. This color already exudes energy at the sight. If you like it a little more subtle, simply use a warmer honey yellow.

You can put together your look very desired - either with gray clothing combined with yellow barefoot shoes and accessories. Or for courageous trendsetters also in yellow and matching gray shoes.

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Suitable barefoot shoes for trendy animal print

Barefoot shoes animally print-2021

What better suits the urban jungle than animal prints? These looks have been very trendy for years, but this year, however, Leopard and Zebra looks out. Combined with suitable sneakers, you create a look that is confident and extraordinary.
You can wear white or black sneakers perfectly with the zebra pattern to resume the colors on the feet. All warm brown tones fit for the powerful leopard look.

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Balloon sleeve & shoulder cushion in 2021

The 1980s are definitely back! Already last year the shoulder cushions and balloon sleeves were fashionable and the Eighties trend will continue this season. If you are really brave, you also reach bright colors.
Blazer and blouses with wide shoulder pads can quickly look masculine. To give your look more femininity, you should use filigree barefoot shoes! Ballerinas are the best choice!

Barefoot shoes look-shoulder pad

Wide trousers go perfectly with barefoot shoes

Wide trousers are a must have in 2021. You can decide for yourself whether you want to wear a light boot cut jeans or a really wide marl pants.
Sneaker barefoot shoes fit both styles perfectly. From our huge selection we show you a few super feminine sneaker models.

Barefoot shoes wide trousers

School girl style with barefoot shoes - 2021 a must do

Barefoot shoes Mary-Janes

You read rightly, this year there are uniforms that are very trendy of schoolgirls. Camped skirts with a blouse and sweater with a V-neck. If you want to look particularly sexy, you combine a shorter caroque with network stockings. If it is supposed to be more subtle, choose a single -colored midi skirt with opaque tights.
And what better suits the school girl style than Mary Jane's shoes? Typical for this is the girlish shape and the strap for closing. Our barefoot shoe Banqet is the model that is made for the schoolgirl look.

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2021 in patent leather also with barefoot shoes

Dresses, jackets, leggings and bags - it cannot be enough patent leather. But patent leather is not only the order of the day on the catwalks of the world. You can easily combine this trend with your look.
Either completely in paint or just as an accent in the shape of a jacket, bag or with l -shoes. Of course you will also find suitable lacquer models under our barefoot shoes!

Barfus shoes lacquer leather

Our Quail Ridge Black not only shines, but also looks incredibly elegant with the indicated approach in the sole. If you want it to be sportier and summery, you have to have Qimberly Blue - a barefoot shoe that convinces with paint strips on the sides.

Pink But Less: barefoot shoes in nude

Barfus shoes-nude-rosa

Rosa is probably the color that is most connected to femininity. But not only women are allowed to follow this trend, also fashion -conscious men confidently use the pink shirt.
Rosa will probably never disappear from the fashion world, but there are always different shades of color that are particularly popular. In 2021 you are better not to reach the powerful pink, but rather to delicate pink tones.
Of course, we also have your barefoot shoe in the shop. You have a huge selection from Zartrosa to Nude. It is best to rummage through himself.

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Sustainability 2021 fully in trend

Barfus shoes trends 2021

Finally, the topic of sustainability has also reached the big fashion companies. Materials that are produced resource -saving or even come from recycling are very popular.
With our barefoot shoes you can also continue the fashion trend on your feet, because all ZAQQS are not only extremely comfortable, but also from sustainable production.
Take a look at our cotton or cork models.

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And? Which trend for 2021 do you like best? Whether wide trousers, animal print, lacquer and leather, wide shoulder pad or school girl look - with our sustainable Zaqq barefoot shoes you are always right!

Feel Free, Feel Zaqq.

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