Exceptional styles for the summer

Außergewöhnliche Styles für den Sommer

Finding a comfortable and at the same time stylish shoe is impossible?

Not on ZAQQ! 

We do not only have the highest possible comfort, but also an appealing design.

Today we show you some exceptional models with which you can walk in a stylish and comfortable way through the summer.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ. 

Mokassin Barefoot QERP 

QERP:Feminine Mokassin

QERP is our feminine mokassin, which perfectly combines comfort and style. The Schlüpfschuh is flexible, durable and non-slip. And he also looks incredibly chic!

Whether you are looking for a classic-elegant outfit or a casual leisure look, our QERP can be combined for every occasion.

You can also find QERP in black.

> > QERP < <


OAQLEY Barefoot Sneaker 

OAQLEY:The Trendy

 In the three-color design, OAQLEY simply looks megatrendy. With this sneaker, you make the way to your stage. It peps up every look and ensures a safe and absolutely confident appearance every step of the way.

OAQLEY Red is your barefoot shoe, which in no time turns into your heart sneact.

> > OAQLEY < <  

 QENDRIQ ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes Mens Sneaker

QENDRIQ Mens Barefoot Shoe black yellow


QENDRIQ: The Sportsman

QENDRIQ is your sporty sneaker with a feel-good guarantee. With this barefoot shoe you have found a light and mega-quemen companion for your leisure activities with which you effortlessly and with joy still an extra mile at the end of the day.

By the way, you can find QENDRIQ in bright summer colours in the shop, look at it right away!

> > QENDRIQ < <


JAQ Sneaker silber  

JAQ:The Shiny

JAQ is your vegan barefoot sneaker, which stands out from the crowd and makes for a glossy appearance.

Of course, the barefoot sneaker is not only characterized by optical stimuli. JAQ Silver also convinces with functionality. Light, breathable and so comfortable!

We do not have an inner lining to put a perfect companion on the side even on hot summer days.

> > JAQ < <


MARQ Barefoot Shoe Ballerina 

MARQ: The Hingucker

Our MARQ is the absolute eye-catcher for all brave women. Thanks to the rivets at the Riemchen, you will definitely make a clear statement. Self-confident, individual and proud-this is how you present the unique ballerina!

You can find our MARQ in black, white and nude.

> > MARQ < < 


QOOL sneaker white blue 

QOOL: The Lässige

The name says it all, our QOOL is incredibly casual. A sneaker, who is groovy on you. You wear it casually to jeans and sneakst you, when it matters quite silently through the area.

QOOL is your sneaker with a certain amount of serenity!

> > QOOL < <


modern sneaker mens barefoot shoes black grey 

XIQOT:The Cosmopolitan

The barefoot shoe for cosmopolitans-our XIQOT is the eye-catcher with its new design of the eye-catcher. The sneaker was made of high-quality, vegan mesh fabric, which is particularly breathable.

Whether it's a forest run, a hike or an extensive stroll through the city, XIQOT always offers you a top-styled look.

> > XIQOT < <


QISS Barefoot Shoes Ballerina red 

QISS: The Extraordinary

QISS is the extraordinary ballerina for all exceptional women! From the front he shows himself unexcited and discreetly. From behind, however, he presents his wild side. The playful leather straps on the high shaft give it an extravagant look.

To put the red ballerina right into the scene, combine it with shorts or a short dress!

You can find QISS also in black and nude!

> > QISS < <


Römersandalen Barefoot Women

GLADIQ:Feminine & sexy

A shoe is always a statement. With GLADIQ, you wear a sandal as a sexy boot-perfect to shorts or a short dress! Mega-feminine and yet so comfortable!

You prefer GLADIQ in discreet black? No problem!

> > GLADIQ < < 


gold mocassin barefoot shoes Women 

QOSMO:The Glamorous

Looking for pure glamour? Then QOSMO Champagne is the perfect choice for you! A superfemininer barefoot shoe, which could not be stylish and feminine.

From the outside, our QOSMO presents itself like a noble loafers. But, as you know, it is also about the internal values and these become the unbeatable argument! The barefoot loafers are insanely soft and flexible and adapts to the contours of your foot in perfection.

> > QOSMO < < 

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