Elegant despite heat with ZAQQ Barefoot shoes

Elegant trotz Hitze mit ZAQQ Barfußschuhen

Do you want to be elegantly on the road in the summer, but don't miss out on comfort? No problem!

Elegant through the heat

Run into the office at 30 °C and dance at the wedding party at the weekend, without the feet sweating or even hurting.

Too good to be true? By no means

These ZAQQ Models offer you exactly that!

Feel free, feel ZAQQ. 


Business Barefoot Shoes 

APEQ: Passt to any style

In summer, you can give your outfit with light colours a lighter look. A simple black business shoe and already the business dress code is perfect.

Our sleepy APEQ Black is the comfortable barefoot shoe that fits in every style. With its fine calf liver, it also ensures a pleasant foot climate in the summer.

> > APEQ < <


LOOQ Barefoot Ballerina elegant 

LOOQ: Your feminine ballerina

Our LOOQ is your elegant ballerina for the office and fits both to the trouser suit and to the skirt.

The days of tired feet are over! With LOOQ, you are happy to run an extra mile on the way from work to home. Schick and megabequem!

> > LOOQ < <  


BRIQ ZAQQ Gloves Men

BRIQ: Elegant & summery

Chic and elegant, but still casual and smart-that's also with ZAQQ no problem at all!

Bright suit pants with polo shirt combined to brown suede shoes look stylish in the summer.

Grab Your BRIQ Brogue Velours Brown to give your elegant outfit the perfect finish!

> > BRIQ < < 


 Ballerina Barefoot Shoes Women

QARMA: Your formal ballerina

Our QARMA is therefore even more conciliator. The ballerina is absolutely discreet and fits with its glossy leather to all business outfits.

QARMA is not only super light, but also soft and supple. You're not going to want to take him out!

> > QARMA < < 


PINQ elegant barefoot shoes summer 

PINQ: Your sandal for office

Toes show in business? Often a fauxpas!

In high summer, you are still airy with our PINQ. Closed at the front and open at the back, it is the perfect combination of ballerina and sandal, and therefore absolutely office-fit!

You find PINQ in white, black and candy!

> > PINQ < < 


MONQ Business Slipper Barefoot Shoes Men 

MONQ: The stylish slipper

No cords, but clean slips and loose runs!

MONQ is the most comfortable business slipper you can think of. However, you don't have to do without style security.

Whether it's a business appointment, an opera or a hotel bar-with MONQ, you are always well advised!

> > MONQ < <  


QITE Women's Barefoot Shoes Summer  

QITE: Bester Halt

QITE looks a little more leaner than the models at the top with its belt guidance. Nevertheless, it fits perfectly for the office due to its closed toe part.

This ballerina gives you the best stop and is guaranteed in your free time to your new favourite, because it is not more comfortable.

> > QITE < < 


PEAQ Elegant Barefoot Shoes Men 

PEAQ: The legere suit shoe

In contrast to the models above, our PEAQ is not equipped with our business sole, but with our popular sneaker sole.

As a result, he looks more leaner, but still looks stylish with his simple glossy leather to suit suit pants!

> > PEAQ < < 

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