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Qlassy Black

Qlassy Black

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QLASSY Black is your new business shoe, which with its elegant suede simply fits all colors and styles.

The slightly higher cut barefoot shoe is perfect for suit pants, because compared to the classic low shoe, the trouser leg can not lie unsightly, but falls stylishly straight down.

For QLASSY we use the finest suede, which is wonderfully soft and breathable. From the inside, your feet are pampered with a thin cotton lining. The highlight of this barefoot shoe is the ZAQQ BUSINESS Sole with its heel indicated from the outside. This makes our QLASSY look extremely elegant despite ZERO Drop.

With QLASSY you also like to run an extra round between your business appointments to relax from the stressful everyday work, because running in this business shoe is a blessing for your entire body.

Feel free, feel free ZAQQ.


These high-quality materials make your new ZAQQ QLASSY Black:

  • Upper leather: Finest French calf leather gently tanned in barrel
  • Inner lining: supple, breathable and extra thin textile fabric
  • Insole: open-pore and breathable calf leather
  • Damping: 2mm long-term damping
  • Sole: highly flexible, non-slip, abrasion-resistant and hand-sewn rubber sole
  • Shaft: hand-spun and double stitched
  • Sole: hand sewn to the shaft
  • Adhesives: solvent-free adhesives

For these reasons, your new ZAQQ QLASSY especially healthy and comfortable:

  • Rubber sole with zero heel, thereby relieving the spine and protecting the joints, supports the natural posture
  • Lots of volume in the front shoe, plenty of space for toes and bales
  • Promotes the natural movement during running Balanced foot climate through high-quality natural products, breathable and sweat-reducing
  • Extremely flexible and supple leather, thus no blisters or wounds on the foot
  • Separate last shape and construction for men and women shoes for optimal fit
  • With about 200 g incredibly light (Gr. 41)

Here you can see our ideas for sustainable production

  • Barefoot shoes from Germany
  • Every shoe is unique
  • Low-pollutant production with regular tests at renowned institutes
  • Individual production of your ZAQQ Barefoot shoes
  • Hand-sewn 3.9mm rubber sole
  • Own ZAQQ Barefoot shoes Manufacture


ZAQQ -Making of


Shipping and return

Your ordered ZAQQ`s will come to you in Germany or 3-5 days to Austria and Switzerland in 2-3 days. If the shoes do not fit, you can of course exchange them or return them free of charge.

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  • The test winners barefoot shoes from Germany

    The guarantee for perfect quality, ZAQQ produces only with the finest materials in loving handicrafts.

  • Free exchange

    If, contrary to expectations, do not fit you your ZAQQ barefoot shoes, we would be happy to exchange you to another size or another model.