Barefoot around the world with ZAQQ

Barfuß um die Welt mit ZAQQ

Our customer Corina has already been around the world with her Hiqes.

Thanks for this beautiful experience report. We wish you a lot of exciting trips on comfortable ZAQQ soles.

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ZAQQ QQ-Barfusschuhe advancement report-French-Polynesia

"... the child needs deposits ..." it said very early ... So my feet were always a "construction site" throughout his life. They were always elegant when dancing, but in everyday life it was always very painful when the path was to be longer.

There was always only one way in which my feet were "peaceful" - whenever I was barefoot. But of course this is not always possible on a hike or in everyday life. And after countless, various insoles and years later I came across the word "barefoot shoes" and thought "what?"

I tried them out and found the first that I also had very nice, but not suitable for off -road and the "nub -like" profile had quickly expired .... And so I then push on Zaqq. The selection was large and the shoes I discovered definitely looked more robust. Well, an attempt is worth it… .tja and what can I say?! These shoes carried me around the world and I have had no problems since then. Just awesome. What did the shoes have done? Look here:

They were….

  • … .An the beaches of French Polynesia (see 1st picture)
  • …. Hoch to Ross in Costa Rica… .in of the Namibia desert
Zaqq-barefoot shoes riding costa-ricamlvls2vluiemr


  • …. In the desert of Namibia

    ZAQQ QQ-Barfusschuhe experience report-Namibia

    ... on various hikes
    ZAQQ-barefoot shoes experience reporting Spanienkag20PS3JNRX8

      …. In the gardens of Spain
      ZAQQ-barefoot shoes experience report-gaerten-spania

        …. On the traces of the Maya in Mexico
        ZAQQ-barefoot shoes experience report-Mexico

          …. In the caves of Kappadocia
          ZAQQ-barefoot shoes experience report-coating coat of arms3

          • …. But sometimes…. Merch times it was time to take off the best barefoot shoes :-) (on the beach of the Seychelles)

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